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Welcome to myWofford!

On 1/25 Google pushed out a Chrome browser update that does not work with myWofford. Chrome users get an error message "uPortal Error: Sorry but uPortal encountered an error that is preventing it from rendering. The error must be corrected by system administrators. Try again later."

Until we have a fix, ITS staff recommend using another browser for myWofford. Browsers that work include Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

Welcome to myWofford, the online service for the entire Wofford College community that contains everything you need. Whether you need to check your email, register for classes, or see what social or cultural events are happening on campus, myWofford has it all!

What's Inside:

Email: Access your Wofford email account using the supplied instructions.

Banner: Register for classes, check your grades and update your contact information all in one convenient location.

Groups: Join a group and keep up with news for your classes and social clubs.

Announcements: Always know what's happening on Wofford's campus.